Thursday, October 17, 2019

Air Pollution in the Grand Canyon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Air Pollution in the Grand Canyon - Essay Example Humans pollute the environment voluntarily through smoking and channeling of polluted substances directly into the environment without treatment. These effluents have both short-term and long-term effects on the environment (Phalen and Robert 8). Humans are responsible for preserving and protecting the environment. With the advancement of technology, enterprise that is more industrial emerges and grows. Failure by humans to prevent and control the environmental pollution is unethical (Clowney and Patricia 22). Humans should consider all the other living organisms before engaging in environmental pollution acts. The negative actions of man towards the environment raise discontent to him. The reason is that air pollution causes acid rain and disruption of the ozone layer. Global warming is an emerging issue resulting from man’s inconsiderate actions towards the environment. Environment is the primary source of a man’s livelihood, and it is essential that humans should care of it (Kun-Ming et al. 1). Failure to enhance measures to ensure clean air quality raises ethical concerns since the man has the responsibility of conserving the environment by nature. Grand Canyon is a landmark landscape overwhelming peoples’ senses through its immense size. The landscape is a steep-sided canyon carved by Colorado, a river in the State of Arizona in America. It is entirely located in north Arizona in America. Grand Canyon consists of unique combinations of geologic color and erosion forms beautify a canyon that is 277 miles long. Grand Canyon encompasses several unique areas including Grand Canyon National Park and the United States national park. The national park stretches to the north Rim and the South Rim. The Landscape consists of uncovered geologic strata layer upon layer from the bottom Vishnu schist to the capping Kaibab limestone. The entire park area is a semi-desert experiencing all the desert climate and temperatures. Adjacent

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