Saturday, October 12, 2019

Foundations Of Education :: Teaching Education

Foundations Of Education Teaching Youth in a Foreign Country This Assignment was designed to deal with my teaching abilities and how I approach lessons, it is also designed to hopefully improve they way I teach a lesson. The lesson I prepared and taught opened up my eyes and helped me understand exactly where I need to improve. Even though this paper isn’t the particular assignment you gave me and I did not do this over the semester while being in this class, it does deal with the very essence of learning that you wanted us to experience. It is a lesson that I did try to design around your teachings that I learned in you class â€Å"Christian Education for Adolescents.† The lesson I prepared was for a youth group that was not very big in size but had a lot of heart for their beliefs. They were excited to hear an American share a testimony and to talk to them about God; you could see they were hungry to hear it. To start off my critiquing I first want to share with you that my teaching skills I have might not be the brightest of teaching skills, but I have noticed that I do know how to prepare a lesson now. Before last semester till now I didn’t even know where to start. Since my first class with you as my teacher I have learned an amazing thing about the form of teaching, this is the Hook, Book, Look, Took process. When I first heard that I was going to teach a youth group in Venezuela I didn’t know what I was going to do. At first I did not know what I was going to do, then, I remembered that I needed to do what you taught me to do, I was supposed to form a lesson off of the Hook, Book, Look, Took. This style of teaching saved me because I didn’t know what to do and it is formed in such way that it gives you a process to start from and a place to end, he only thing you got to do to get started is to find a subject. I got lucky because the Venezuelans I was teaching ne w English better than other Venezuelans. The thing about them I noticed is that people there liked to watch movies as much as people here do.

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