Saturday, October 19, 2019

Organisational Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organisational Behaviour - Essay Example There is always a high demand for people having good communication skills and those professionals who are young and adaptive to change. To study the demographic factors is vital for a manger as it helps him in selecting the best person for the job. In job interviews, managers are mostly looking for confident candidates and also those candidates that have good interpersonal and good communication skills. These types of employees tend to prove themselves highly valuable to the firm. The abilities and skills of a person highly influence his behaviour and performance. If your skills and abilities match the requirements of the job, you are likely to perform better. This is so because one knows the job description requirements and can perform well accordingly. The manager plays a key role when matching the job requirements with the skills and abilities of the employees. This is crucial as matching skills and abilities will allow the desired results to be achieved by the firm. Perception is a process by which sensory impressions are organised and interpreted by an individual in order to give meaning to whatever is around him. The perception of a person can be influenced by many factors. For managers it is really important to create a work environment that is favourable and that it is positively perceived by the employees. If the employees perceive it positively, it will improve their performance and overall, the firm will become productive and profitable. Attitude is the propensity to react positively or negatively towards certain things, people or circumstances. The supervisor of a company should study the factors related to employment to create a positive work environment so that workers are encouraged to form a favourable attitude towards their particular jobs. The variables such as family, society, traditions and culture, friends and organisational characteristics affect the development and attitude of the employees. The workers can perform efficiently if they for m a better attitude in the workplace. Employees also need to work upon having a good work life balance so that they can achieve their targets successfully without having pressure from anyone side of professional work or personal life. Personality is the study of the unique characteristics of an individual, the relations between these individuals and how they alter and change with respect to society and changing circumstances. The numerous dynamics that affect the personality of a person are inheritance, family, friends, society, culture and other circumstances. This shows that individuals are different when working in an organisation and their personality changes along with it. Personality can be considered as the most difficult part of an individual, and this largely affects the behaviour of a human being. Studying the personality characteristics of an individual is a good opportunity to comprehend them. It motivates them to complete the organisational goal in an efficient manner. Diverse environmental variables produce different reactions, and studying these reactions is very crucial for the organisation. By studying these responses certain types of behaviours that are demanded by organisations are discovered and learnt. Examples of these behaviours are

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