Monday, October 7, 2019

Principle Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Principle Management - Essay Example As the essay discusses culture of an organization is said to be strong when the staff respond to the stimulus and it is weak when there is no alignment with the corporate values. Culture is one great key to success. Different views are found on the classification of corporate cultures but those of Handy have been most widely cited. His method of organizational culture links it to organizational structure. According to him, culture can be grouped under four types – power culture, task culture, role culture, and people culture. This paper declares that power culture is an ideal means to map and understand the values of an organization. Power in any organization is usually concentrated in a few pairs of hands. Power culture control radiates from the centre like a web and reaches the staff through the rays. Very few rules and procedures are available and communication is normally direct and verbal. This culture can be found in small businesses culture entrepreneurial organizations. Like minded people are chose to remain in close proximity to the centre. They group takes calculated risks and being cohesive, they react promptly to internal culture external threats. This type of culture does not affect group or project work as the group is normally cohesive and the central figure is autocratic. In a Role culture, people have clearly defined authorities within a defined structure. Role cultures are highly formalized. They are bound with regulations and paperwork. These organizations form hierarchical bureaucracie s and are like a pyramid in structure.

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