Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sketches Bill Cleggs and Mathew Dickmans prescription for eudaimonia Essay - 1

Sketches Bill Cleggs and Mathew Dickmans prescription for eudaimonia - Essay Example This may not always augur well with other people, but the doer will always possess the feeling of contentment. Despite this, not all individuals easily achieve this state of eudemonia as easily as they would want to. This is as highlighted by Bill Clegg’s memoirs, Ninety Days as he highlights his struggle to fight addiction and the turmoil he goes through in his quest for a good life. On the other hand, Mathew Dickman’s All American Poem as a collection of poems tries to analyze the various facets of life in relation to the pursuit of the good life. Therefore, in the quest for a good and happy life, both Clegg and Dickman take on varying perspectives in relation to Aristotle’s concept of eudemonia, with Clegg focusing more on the aspect of honesty with self, coupled with sobriety, while Dickson’s prescription heavily lies on a positive attitude incorporated with family ties. Bill Clegg tries to look at the issue of achieving the good life from various perspectives that fit into his predicament of fighting addiction that has threatened to annihilate him. Given that Aristotle views eudaimonia as the seclusion of some life aspects in order to remain with only those that make life desirable, Clegg sets to do away with addiction as the vice is tearing him apart. However, this does not turn out to be easy as he postulates, â€Å"†¦and I can feel that old burn, that hibernating want, come awake†¦the relief that first hit will deliver†¦That craving, once it begins, is almost impossible to reverse†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This serves to show the difficulty that lies in the quest to achieve eudaimonia in Clegg’s perspective. His concept of the good life lies in eliminating the addiction and adopting a life free of it. This guides to the perspective that his concept on happiness and the good life relies on obtaining the state of sobriety and as such, C legg sets out with a variety of steps aimed at attaining the sober state. His basic step towards

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