Thursday, October 17, 2019

The purpose of higher education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The purpose of higher education - Essay Example So in order to secure a good position in a company, higher education is often a requisite. In relation to landing a dream job, higher education is also viewed as a magnet for good money. In an interview conducted, one student asserted that those with higher education are more likely to possess higher income potential. With more earnings, one is able to provide for his needs and even afford luxuries like expensive vacations, beautiful home or nice cars. In the interviewee's case, with more money pouring in he would be able to provide for his children's basic needs including better education. In addition, he would be able to financially aid his parents if need be. As a believer of education, I totally agree with the arguments given above. Pursuing higher education may be instrumental in being accepted to a prestigious firm. Although one may lack job related experience, a degree would certainly have a signaling effect to employers. A higher education would communicate to them that an applicant has learned vital skills needed to perform a particular job effectively. With this, everything else follows - higher salary, better life, brighter future. However, it is apparent that the said arguments revolve around the financial benefits derived from higher education.

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