Friday, October 4, 2019

US health care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

US health care - Essay Example These statistics show that most deaths are related to poor policies in relation to access to health care and quality of health care. Disease like heart disease and cancer can be mitigated and cured if discovered at an early age. The shocking revelation by Dr. Barbara Starfield clearly indicates there is a problem with our medical practitioners. More deaths occur in the hands of medics than in accidents. The figures are alarming and require a policy change. The government is trying to cover the deficit by introducing policies and new strategies like the Obama health care that targets affordable health care for all citizens. The ever-rising medical care insurance premiums contribute immensely to the rising cost of health care. In the year 2013 the inflation rate in United states of America rose by 2%. However healthcare premiums surged by a whopping 8%. The absurd increase in premiums makes the health care cost continue to increase despite incentives by the government to try to cushion its people. The high cost of hospital care also plays a big role. The cost is in terms of wages for the medics, high cost of medical equipment and drugs. The coast of new technology is also high increasing the coast of medical care. In United States of America over 36% of the hospitals, use the robotic surgery, which is quite expensive. The costs of this procedure are passed down to the patient (Kavilanz, 2012). The rising cost of health insurance premiums in the USA has affected many people and even employers. The Uninsured person in USA is due to the hard economic times and growing trend by employers to opt not to insure their workers. The above fact is attributed to the high medical premiums that are increasing each day. The employers opt to employ people on a casual basis to avoid paying their medical premiums (Cutler, 2013). The medical future of the Uninsured person is oblique due to an increase in pay cuts, in the

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